Research lines

SMARTSENS:  Development of intelligent sensing in agrifood, environmental sensors , gas sensors, sensor webs , communicatiosn systems . Coordinated by Belén Diezma Iglesias



DAVINCI:  Development and applications of advanced modelling systems in Agri´Food multidimensional and analytical modelling, optimal design, predictive control. Coordinadted by Eva Cristina Correa Hernando



                           REGENERA: Research in generation, transport, storage and use of energy, in the rural areas, with special emphasis in renowables. Coordinated by Miguel Ángel Muñoz García. 


  METASCAN: Instrumental assessment of Agrifood products using multidimensional non-destructive techniques: mechanical, spectral, vision: multispectral and hyperspectral, NMR tomography. Coordinadted by Lourdes Lleó García


  BIOMECATRONICS, PRECISION AGRICULTURE AND ROBOTICS. Development of advanced electro-mechanical systems for agro-industrial machinery. Geo.spatial analysis of qualitynparameters and development of non-supervised systems for control of producing crops. Coordinated by Constantino Valero Ubierna  


  INNO-TRANS: Innovation and Transfer activities to the sector al sector productivo of new findings. Coordinated by Margarita Ruiz Altisent