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Advanced Techniques in Agrifood

Laboratory of Physical Properties  and

Advanced Techniques in Agri-Food








The research Group (GI) is an entity of the (Poli)Technical University Madrid. The mission of the group is to  produce relevant  contributions to  Engineering in Agriculture; to contribute to eradicate famine and poverty; to improve health and welfare of people, and to work for a better environment, in the scope of the present Sustainable Developent Objectives.

The objectives of LPF-TAGRALIA are to generate knowledge and professional vocations, and to develop new technologies, in collaboration with social actors: farmers, food producers, specialised industries and the pertinent civil and official entities.

Scientific areas of activity are: Enginering, agriculture, food production technologies, post-harvest, environmental, automation, energy, statistical modelization.

Their actions are centered  in: research, higher education, cooperation, innovation and transfer.

Founder of the group is Professor Margarita Ruiz-Altisent, and their successive coordinators /  PRs Pilar Barreiro Elorza and at Belen Diezma Iglesias.


Terms which describe some of our present research lines:

Objective measurement of quality of agrifood products, by the use of non-destructive technologies

Sensing and advanced statistical modeling in agri-food

Energy in Agriculture ( renowable), in rural sector

Electro-mechanical systems for agro-industrial machinery  

Transfer and innovation to production sectors:  field crops, horticulture, animal husbandry (swine, fish)