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Study Courses – Degrees

The LPF-Tagralia possesses about 20 Full Professors,  Assistant professors, Researchers and further staff members, mainly in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, i.e. Ingeniería Agroforestal and the department of Chemistry and Food Technology,  Química y Tecnología de los Alimentos, both in the School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas,  ETSIAAB, in the  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.     

All courses in which the members of the group participate are available in the Teaching Platfrom  Moodle UPM , with open access for professors and registered students. Open access of information of degrees and courses can be found in 

ETSIAAB-Courses and English presentation

Regarding Bachellor degrees , five different study plans  (four years) are offered currently: Bachellor (Graduado) in:  Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy; Agro-environmental Engineering; Food Engineering;  Biotechnology; Agricultural Sciences and  Bioeconomy.

Master´s Degrees: The department is engaged in a specialised Marster degree , where the LPF-Tagralia is involved, in their special fiields . Ingeniería de sistemas agrarios . The study plan (60 ECTS) includes 15 ECTS in specialised advanced systems for agriculture, including automation, robotics, Precision Agriculture, physical properties of agricultural  products;  12  ECTS for practice in a company or research  laboratory, and 12 ECTS in a personal project : 39 ECTS are thus in charge of the LPF-Tagralia if you are interested. 

From this year, this degree can be followed  semi-remotedly.

Please get in contact with the Secretariat:

Individual courses can be followed by visiting (Erasmus or other) students. Contact School Secretariat

Phd: Agroingeniería – Agro-Engineering Program . It is developed in the frame of a personal study project, and selective seminars, during three to four years of full engagement, and led by a professor, director of the thesis and a Tutor, in any of the special projects available are a possibility. You may refer to Research lines, projects and latest publications  and the repository of open-access publicactions in 

ATHENS and further international courses in the UPM.